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Perhaps the most common reason our plumbers are called out to homes and commercial premises around Brighton, is to unblock blocked drains.


A lot of the time, the blockages we encounter could have been very easily prevented. In this blog post, we’ve looked to run through some of the most common causes of blocked drains and how to avoid them.


In or around the Brighton area and experiencing drainage issues? Call on 07780 037 979. If you’re unsure what’s causing you blocked drains, don’t worry. We can carry out affordable CCTV surveys that will accurately diagnose the issue, allowing us to promptly rectify it.



Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Brighton


FOREIGN OBJECTS – Disposing of items like baby wipes, sanitary towels and nappies down a toilet is just asking for trouble. Chances are, if it isn’t toilet paper you’re flushing down your loo, it probably isn’t meant to go down there. Foreign objects are an extremely common cause of major drainage problems, and we’re constantly attending situations around Brighton where they require removal. If in doubt, use a bin instead!


HAIR – Hair can also be a real scourge to drainage systems across Brighton and Sussex. It builds up in shower drains over time, and while there’s little you can do to stop the build-up, there’s a very easy way to prevent it causing blocked drains. There are very cheap devices you can install in your shower plug that catch errant hair before it makes its way into your pipes. We recommend these to Brighton clients who suffer any hair-related drainage problems, as well as to those looking to safeguard themselves against said problems.


GREASE & FAT – Beware disposing of fatty, greasy liquids down your drainage system. These can stick to the inside of pipes, and gradually build up to cause blocked drains. We advise Brighton homeowners and business owners to clean up greasy liquids with paper towels, then dispose of them via the bin.



CCTV Surveys - The Ultimate Diagnostics Services


One of the most significant advances in drainage history was the invention of CCTV surveys. These involve feeding a small camera down a drainage system. The camera feeds an image back to a screen that is monitored by a trained plumber. They can then identify the cause of blocked drains, where a crack has occurred, and any other kind of drainage issue. CCTV surveys are fantastic both as a reactive diagnostic tool, as well as for forming a pre-emptive report for insurance purposes etc.


Need help with your drainage in Brighton or the wider Sussex area? Call on 07780 037 979.

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