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Many DIY-minded homeowners and companies around Brighton attempt their own plumbing repairs and installations. In this blog post, we’ve run through the “dos and don'ts” of amateur plumbing.


If you lack any real plumbing experience, please do not carry out work yourself. Call in a professional plumber. Otherwise you could cause serious damage to your drainage system that proves expensive to put right!



The Dos and Don’ts of Amateur Plumbing in Brighton


Do use proper plumbing products. If you have decided to carry out a plumbing job – perhaps you have a friend who’s a plumber and has offered to help – then make sure you don’t use inferior, cheap components. Check for marks of quality, like approval from the Water Regulations Advisor Scheme. This way you’ll know your plumbing is meeting all legal requirements and is going to be reliable down the line.


Do take proper precautions when carrying out amateur plumbing work. For example, ensure that all electrics are kept well-clear of the area in which you’re working. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that water plus electricity is a bad combination, but you’d be surprised at how many DIY plumbing accidents involving electricity there have been around the Brighton area over the years.


Do choose the right plumber for the job if you require assistance. Due to plumbing being a pretty technical field, there is many an unqualified and inexperienced plumber around Brighton looking to exploit homeowners and companies who are unfamiliar with it.


Be sure to check your plumbers’ accreditations and ask for references. If they’re not eager to meet these requests, beware! You can always choose, fully qualified and highly experienced plumbers for Brighton and the wider Sussex area.


Don’t ignore plumbing rules and regulations. The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and By-Laws, for example, prevent both water being wasted and drinking water becoming contaminated. We recommend all would-be plumbers take time to research their legal obligations. All plumbing in a home must meet a certain standard of quality to be legal, and if yours is faulty, you might land yourself in hot water in more ways than one!


Don’t ignore minor plumbing issues. We’ve lost count of the number of situations where clients in and around Brighton have held-off on calling in our plumbers to address a “minor” issue, only to find that it signals a much more serious problem. If you think something might be up with your plumbing, whether it’s a leaky tap or burst pipe, call in our Brighton plumbers for full peace of mind.


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